December 27, 2009

December 27, 2009

Today Jenny and I went Roller Skating I went on a Moonlight with James H and when we were holding hands and he was rubbing my fingers which means



December 25, 1980

December 25, 2009

chis christmas is gonna be fun.

Merry Christmas!

Today I got a whole bunch of present’s

November 17, 1980

November 20, 2009

today in scoo scholl it was fun

September 2, 1980

September 2, 2009

school starts tomorrow

August 29, 1980

August 31, 2009

Sat “81” (ed. note: this may be a post from 1981 in a 1980 diary – the whole thing has pages falling out and is pretty confusing, but honestly, it hardly even matters anyway…)

Today I went skating with my new haircut I saw Joey M there and I think he liked my new look. He gust broke up with Karen and asked me out. I said yes. We are engaged to be married in 10 years? He gave me a pearl ring $ 10K gold too.

July 15, 1980

July 15, 2009

Today I went swimming at nottingham I saw david p he’s so cute he likes j.h. (jenny h)

davita wears a bra and she Ain’t got nothing to hold in there to let A bra hold

(Lord HAve mercy


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June 18, 1980

June 18, 2009

today we got out of school. I will miss school. We meaning my mother and I picked up sarah and nala at sarahs and ok and went to Liverpool to get Jennifer and Nala had to go home at 3:00. We were going to go to Shoppingtown But when we got back to the city it was 2:00. So we went to my house and played hide & go seek for awhile. Then quit. I want them to come over more often. I want myra to be geallous I hate that funky smellin punk That f.cker

Thats all

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